Big Girl Bedroom Part 2

Happy 5th Birthday Roslin

Roslin’s room was first inspired by Pinterest with lots of ideas coming from what I saw on there that I collected into my own Pinterest board, from there the plan was set and I made a plan which I pretty much stuck to apart from a few changes and few indecisions that all just came together at the end like a bookcase and finally getting the elusive curtain pole but I am very happy with the final result and Roslin loves it and that’s what matters, it really is a big change from her nursery room, but I’m glad she has a room she loves.

So after a pretty hectic few days of working my day job and working on the room Roslin’s big girl bedroom is finished.  So here goes…


Room Sign

This was one of my finds and was on ebay, it was perfectly themed and the colours matched the room perfectly.

Kids and their stickers

The wall with the tree and stickers is a slightly different shade of pink it’s “rose pink” from B&Q colours range, I was for a while thinking of doing something bolder like a raspberry colour but I found this kept the room light and for a smaller room I didn’t want to loose the airy feeling by darkening the feature wall too much, but I think this worked well with the rest being a pale softer pink.


My mum also gave me a tip for applying the stickers as I found they were curling when I was trying to stick them up and it is to use a hairdryer on the then rub them down and that will warm the glue and they will hold better to the wall.

Use card, Feathers and Foam Shapes to make an owl


I didn’t want to make her room too impersonal so I wanted to make space so Roslin could display some of her art, the owl is on the side of her wardrobe and I added things from her prevous room like her My Little Pony framed poster to give it some character.  Also for storage of her dressing up clothes and bags I used the spotty storage boxes which I got from ebay, I chose the spots as I didn’t want to over pink the room.

Now with added ponies

The small drawers on the mirror have proved very handy for storing clasps and bobbles with hairbands and brushes in the drawer, on top of the small drawers is a little basket of shells from a holiday and on the other side her piggy bank.  Also on her dressing table is two music/jewelry boxes, every girl needs somewhere to keep her pretty things afterall.

Toys lots of toys

I used two different types of baskets, these sturdy ones from Dunelm Mill which were great for the Argos units and sturdy to support the toys that she uses more frequently the other baskets mentioned in my previous post were used under her bed for further storage of less used toys as they just didn’t appear all that sturdy for using frequently and were not lined.  The decopatch R on the window was something that Roslin made on a rainy afternoon, it looks great and Roslin has the satisfaction of seeing something she made sitting out, I was tempted to do the rest of her name with her and sit it on top of the unit but with her name already on her painting and door I felt it was overkill so just left it with the R at the window.  The butterfly on the glass of the window is a stainless steel butterly my Dad made for me some  years ago that I have kept and passed to Roslin when she was born and it looks great in her room.

Curtain and black out blind

It’s a little hard to tell but the blind is actually green it was a Taku black out linen effect roller blind from B&Q I decided on green as the stickers had green and also the rug and bedding brought green into the room, the darker blind with the white voile screen softened the window area, the curtain had loops that allowed it to be threaded directly onto the pole so I didn’t have to suspend it with hoops, the curtains I looked at  didn’t have this option and would of interfered with the wardrobe so the screen worked best for me.

Books and Art hanger

This book shelf was painted up especially for my by my favorite shop in Falkirk the Shabby Chic Boutique, I just happened to be in being nosey as usual we got to talking about my plans and she thought she had the perfect bookcase for me as at the time it was the last bulky thing I needed, she painted this up for me in a lavender shade to give it a bit of contrast and to stop the Pink domination in the room.

Dolls house and more toys

Originally I planned to sit this under the window and the bookcase was going to go here but with her dolls house sitting high up on the unit it was pretty much blocking the window so the 3 unit which was bought to go upright in the corner was laid on it’s side under the window and this was moved against the wall.  The house is now easier to play in and it is now close to a power outlet so I now have the ability to add lighting to it.

Bunting on end of bed and chair

The bunting is also hanging from a shelf above the dolls house and it was made out of Cath Kidson swatches that my husband had got me for Christmas a while ago.  Hanging it on the end of the bed was to use up what was left over from the shelf but I love how it brightens up the play corner.  The shelves under the bed have some larger books which did not fit her bookcase, a small light and a few baskets and toys, I didn’t want to use this space just for books as I thought it would be a handy space for keeping toys that did not fit into her units as her toy storage had reduced from her previous room so I needed somewhere and this worked well, it has gave her a play area at the bottom of her bed.


Behind the chair is also the white plastic bin that is used for storing her swords, pram and her hobby horse, it was nice for these bit’s and bob’s to finally get a home and the tub is a great storage item which will be a used as a bin when she is older.

Big girl bed

The sleepland bed the Roslin’s Gran and Grandpa got is excellent and I was able to build it up myself (with lots of cursing and a few tears) but it would be easier with two, they deliver the boxes into the room which was great and it came in 4 boxes.  The instructions were clear and it is quite possibly the biggest thing I have ever built in flatpack but was certainly worth it, it came with the chest of drawers, the bookcase at the end and the desk.  there is crawl space under the bed behind the drawers and we are using this for soft toy storage, Roslin loves it as a little den.

Side of desk with storage boxes and some toys


One of the reasons we picked this bed was that the desk was seperate from the bed and could be totally removed this allowed us to move the desk anywhere in her room when being used, for us this was a bonus as the room is narrow and if the desk had been on a runner it would of either blocked the door from opening or when out used up all the length of the room but with a free standing desk we can angle it so the room can still be used at the same time as the desk is out and can be moved close to power supply if needed for lamps or keyboards or computers.

Ceiling Light

I was a little worried when I saw this online but the light is one of my favorite items in her room, changing the fixture from her old ceiling mounted light to this as changed the room a lot and gave it a more girly feel (well it was always going to be more girly than her previous airplanes).  The disks are plastic which is great for a childs room especially as she can touch it as she climbs into bed but they do a wonderful job of adding colour and even when the light is not on they catch the light from the window to make this is centerpiece as well as something functional.

Roslin Art she got when she was a baby

I didn’t want to remove everything from her last room and this was one of the tings that stayed, this was hand painted and given to Roslin when she was born from a family member, Roslin loves the beach and mermaids so this had to stay.

Bird cage art board with glitter pegs

I wanted to give Roslin somewhere that she could put her art up as Roslin loves to draw, paint and do crafts and I found this in TK max, The cage came with plain wooden pegs but I swapped them for glitter pegs again in the shades of her room to give it a little more sparkle.  It is very handy as it will allow the change of it’s items without damaging walls or covering them in blue-tack.

Curtain tie backs made of 3 different colours and sized ribbons

The tie back was simple and yet again brought the three recurring colours into the room, I found this to be a really cheap way to make something pretty that fits well with the style of the room, the length of the ribbons are about the same as the screen but with each colour slightly shorter as they get narrower with the narrow pink ribbon being the shortest.

Butterfly curtain rail

This is the curtain rail that was driving me mad, went to several B&Q stores which had this down as being in stock but when I went they only had it in hot pink, I was about to give in when I went up for home delivery so pounced and it was delivered on the first day of my renovations.

Coat hook

Roslin actually has a hook downstairs as well as in her room now but this was added in the hope she could use it for her bag and hoodies and gave a area when school bags could go her dressing gown.  I chose the spots again as I was lucky enough to find this when in TK max to find this and I feel it fits the theme well.

I Butterfly made out of stainless steel made by my Dad

Again this is something that was in her previous room, my Dad made these from stainless steel and the wings were then bent.  I think these fit the theme of the room perfectly and are a bit unique and always a talking point for anything that goes into her room.

The fun corner

The rug was something I had been thinking about for a while and spent a lot of time online looking at different sizes and shapes but I got this from Next after I saw it in store and loved the colours and texture, it fits perfectly into her room and although it has pink it brings something different to the room.  You can also see in this picture the bunting that was attached to the self above the dolls house.  The shelf has precious items like Disney figures and photo frames on it.

Dressing table chair


This chair was a gift from Roslin’s Nana and Papa and it was from the Shabby Chic Boutique in Falkirk, this bistro chair is perfect and brings a splash of colour, the chair will be used with the desk and the dressing table, I got a stool with the dressing table but it would of been just another bit of furniture in the room and by not using that it gave room for the chair which would otherwise just be sitting in the room.


Butterfly fairy lights around dressing table mirror

These are taped to the back of the mirror so that they can be re-positioned or removed but the mirror can still move and it looks great lighting up the mirror.


I hope you have enjoyed my little project, I did a lot in a very short amount of time but it has been well worth it and I would of loved a room like this when I was little, but my hard work paid off and Roslin loves it too.


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