Christmas Robins

I have been thinking for a while to make some of my own Christmas decorations and I came up with the plan to make some cute little Robins.  i have seen variations of these in most shops but I  as always was a woman with a plan and came up with this little guy…

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This was a really easy thing to make and came together in no time at all.  First I started off with my big ol bag of raw wool…

Bag of sheep clothes

As you can see this was washed a little on the hot side and has started to clump together, this is not ideal for most projects but for this it didn’t matter.  Wool should be washed before use, I have read many things online about what to use, some craft stores sell specific soap, others advise a gentle handwash detergent, I have used both and both are equally as good just don’t do what I do and have the water too hot, to dry it I hung it in a pillow case and left.

To make the inside I used a felting pen with 3 needles…

The pointy end

I found this better for making a ball as I wasn’t using the mat much just rolling and stabbing until I had a ball shape, At this point I did however use the mat to make some small triangles to attach as the wings.

Before started to add colour I added the silver string for hanging the robin.  I picked this up at Remenant Kings.


This is now the point that i argue with myself… eyes.  Now on occasion I have added the eyes prior to the colour but I found I quite often break my needles trying to felt around them to add the colour this time however I did it before to make sure they were secure.  If I had not, I would of probably just cut into the wool pushed them in and stabbed around them to push the wool back down.  Eye timing is just a personal preference i feel.  This time I went for my Hobbycraft 8mm black eyes.

I did not use the shanks, just the eyes!

At this point it was now time to give this little guy some colour…


I used 3 different colours of wool, I forgot to photograph the yellow I used (sorry!).  Started by totally covering the whole robin in brown.  A circle of red was placed on lower belly and slightly underneath for the chest and I also added yellow which was mat felted flat and cut into a triangle for the beak, two circles of the same yellow wool were also felted on for the feet.  Again I used my 3 needle pen for most of this, occasionally dropping down to one needle for around the eyes and attacking the beak.


I hope you all like my Robin it was great fun to make, now to make another as my mum has requested one for her tree too!

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