Creeper Cross Stitch

Anyone who plays minecraft will know the fear of  the creepers.  I have been playing minecraft quite a bit recently as Roslin really likes building houses and going hunting so deciding to do a creeper was a really easy choice to make for my next cross stitch.



I looked online and saw there was several different ways that people had created creepers, some with plain green faces and black details to ones people had used multiple colours to get an effect closer to the real creepers.  I decided that was what I wanted to to.

I used Anchor Stranded Cotton on black Adia.

Threads numbers 212, 842, 239 and 268.  My choice of colours were from my own thread collection (yes I have a thread collection).

Each square I decided would be 4×4 stitches and the finished pattern would be 7x7cm so as to fit into a small frame.

Here is my finished creeper.



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