Doll House

For Christmas this year my husband and myself made a dolls house for our daughter.  We wanted something simple to survive a bit of toddler abuse so it is very simple in design.

My husband made the frame out of 6mm MDF hot glued together.  I made the roof out of a rectangle of the same MDF, the slates were cut from cereal boxes, then glued, spraypainted black, and drybrushed gray.  The Bedroom carpet is store bought from a local dolls house shop as is the laminate flooring in the bathroom.  The living room flooring is made from lacqured MDF, scored to look like laminate flooring which my husband made along with the bathroom which the flooring is made of  white plasticard, scored with a craft-knife. then alternate squares removed spraypainted with gloss black enamel.  The rooms are all painted with B&Q tester pots along with the outside of the house which is canyfloss pink.

Bathroom with Early Learning Centre furniture.

Kitchen with Early Learning Centre furniture, the clock is from a local dolls house shop.

Bedroom with Early Learning Centre furniture.

Living Room with Early Learning Centre furniture, the dolls are from a local dolls house shop.  Sadly you can’t see the other items in this room in this picture but there is also a wide screen on a unit TV a plan, coffee table with flower in pot and some kind of triffing like plant also in the corner.

It’s nice to see the dolls looking happy in there new home and our daughter lovers her dolls house.

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