Fallout Nuka Cola

Anyone who has ever played any of the Fallout games will probably have drank about a hundred of these, and thanks to Ben and my new printer I got for Christmas I decided to have a bash at making some of my own.

Nuka Cola Poster by MarkuzR - Deviant Art


This was a pretty simple thing to make I was on the RPF (the replica prop forum) and was looking over some pretty amazing fallout props and this one was one I saw and thought yes I want this.  Agent RayBans had already designed the labels, which if you are interested you can download them.  The bottle caps I got from Chris Furniss at weeklygeekshow.com.  I decided I wanted my bottles to have the just found in the post apocalyptic wastland that is fallout look so I didn’t want them looking clean so that’s why I chose those labels.

I used photo paper to print them out and applied them with PVA glue to Coka-Cola bottles.  The best bottles I found to use were the bottles that were printed onto the glass rather than ones with existing labels as the print out’s would have to be resized for those bottles.  Getting some glue on the glass when applying the labels helped give the bottles a dirty look once dried.  When they dried I attacked the bottle lids with sandpaper (a wire brush would also work) and then applied more PVA glue to the caps rubbing in some of the shavings that came off during sanding to make them rough.

The finished bottles turned out pretty well, and no risk of radiation poisoning from these.

Anyone for a Nuka?

Bottle Caps are money?

2 thoughts on “Fallout Nuka Cola

    1. I had a brief look on Etsy there are some crazy skilled people on there, don’t think my bottles would stand a chance of getting sold when the work that is already out there is just so good. Thanks for the complement though you made my day!

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