Gish 2018 Update

This was a great year for being semi competitive. Made it into the book and finally  got into the hall of fame!  Sadly Geekquel didn’t place but I will be back again for 2019 with Deus Ex Mishina!  I have however been thinking about Gish and I have decided that 2019 will be my 8th and final gish, I have realised that the week of crazy crafting has put me off doing more stuff throughout the year with my only craft this year being one painting.  Gish has been an amazing experience however i feel drained by it creatively.  I am currently working on having a craft studio in my garage so i can make new wonderful things as will have my own space and finally give up the dining table that i seem to commandeer.  I hope after gish this year I will be able to move on and make new things that I have always wanted to try and learn new skills.  Gish has been amazing and i have met some truly wonderful people who I am sure will stay friends for a long time to come.  Needless to say this year i’m going big and will be giving gish my all.

For now though here is my achievements for 2018.

Hall of Fame 2018

Item:85: Simone Giertz makes purposely useless things, which we here at GISH think is a pretty useful skill set, but we also think uselessness should be carbon neutral & sustainable. Make your own useless thing out of 100%

Coffee Table Book

Page 52

Love is in the air

Page 106

Recycled Gala Gown

Page 191

Historical Marker

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