Gish 2018

Another year and this year has a new and improved hunt, 100% more Gish 0% Whes. Along with the slight name change came a fancy new App and the promise of mini hunts throughout the year.

As always I took part in the week long crazy scavenger hunt. This year raising funds of animal charities and helping change the lives of women who’ve survived incredible hardship and loss: survivors of genocide in Rwanda, buying land for a sustainable farming cooperative and market, allowing them to achieve their dream of economic stability and independence.

This year I was with team Geekquel which was formed from DEM (last years team) and Affiliated Geeks with some new friends added in too.

The list as always dropped on Saturday evening so plans were made and i had a great idea as to what I was hoping to achieve. She here is how my week Turned out…


Item 154

A carnivorous plant, a severed finger or two on the ground nearby, and an adjacent sign that shows us the thought bubble of what the plant is thinking

Item 37

You’re late for your portrait sitting for that world-famous painting… at least 200 years late, to be exact. Get dressed up in garb that is compatible with the other characters (or setting) in a painting from the 1800s or earlier and photoshop yourself into the composition. Double bonus points if you actually go to a museum and use forced-perspective & costuming cleverness to make it appear that you were always a part of the painting (frame and all).


Today I jumped right in with a video item, this was a bit of a team effort with Jane doing the vocals and Guu doing the logo, while i just got to sit and look pretty.

Item 197

(Up to 15 seconds) GISH IS GREAT! It’s shiny! It’s NEW! It’s… really freaking hard to market, so we’re outsourcing it to you. Make a 1950s-style, 15 second commercial for gish with a snappy jingle that gets suck in your head & gets everyone you know to sign up in 2019.

I didn’t achieve much in the way of submissions today I did some of the retweets of and mostly just spent my time making my items for later in the week and eating birthday cake.


Item 100

Let’s see a freshly baked pair of “high-top shoes” made entirely of freshly baked bread. Prove that they fit your feet perfectly.

Item 67

It’s time to exorcise… get thee to a cycling class! A priest, nun, or other representative of any faith usually called upon to perform exorcisms, in full traditional costume leading a spin class.

Item 98

Show us what pets really do when they are alone

Item 93

They say people and their pets tend to start to look alike. Prove it. Cosplay as your pet. (It should be really hard to tell who’s who.) Post your image to social media tagged #GISHPetPals.


Item 16

Mis-quotes are so embarrassing! Everybody thinks Darth said, “ You are a part of the rebel alliance…” But what he really said was, “…the rebel appliance.” Show us how your toaster or vacuum helped vanquish the Dark side.

Item 186

This was a team collaboration item.

I’m signed up to a dress making class, can’t wait!

CALLING ALL GISHERS: You’re enrolled in GISH U! On Day 1 of the Hunt, you will identify a skill you’ve always meant to learn but have NEVER tried. During the course of the Hunt, you will take one meaningful step toward learning that chosen skill. Submit a collage showing you attempting your newfound skill.


Item 33

Love is in the air. Literally.

Item 90

Another team collaboration item

Your GISH team looks great in that slotted mailbox, like at a post office, with each box open to display a team member crammed inside. We must see your faces!

Item 95

This year’s Grand GISH Gala is all about celebrating your shine and sparkle–sustainably. Let’s see your most beautiful homemade gown or tuxedo made completely from things taken from your recycling bin. Foil, tin cans, plastics, etc. Go for sparkle and shine, and show up on the red carpet of the gala.


Item 44

Wearing a melon on your melon is the cool new fashion trend. At a Farmers Market, sport the most intricate “Melon Hat” the world has ever seen.

Item 85

Simone Giertz makes purposely useless things, which we here at GISH think is a pretty useful skill set, but we also think uselessness should be carbon neutral & sustainable. Make your own useless thing out of 100% repurposed or recycled materials & show its (dis)use.

Item 144

Out there somewhere, there’s a special child who is just about to give up on magic. Don’t let it happen! Find out something they secretly (or not-so-secretly) believe in and help bring it to life for them. Whether it’s a wizard, a pirate ship, a space adventure, a fairy princess, or more, help keep magic alive!


Item 142

You know those roadside historical markers you drive by quickly while on your way to the art supply store, never bothering to read the details about how Jerry Lee Lewis stopped at this location to change a tire on his 1972 Cadillac Eldorado? Yeah, we think those things are a little bit boring too… It’s time to spice things up a bit. Make and place your own historical marker, documenting an event from your life of real importance. (Like where you had your first kiss, the place where you learned to tie your shoes, or where your mom bought crayons for your first day of school.) Make it look as much like those other historical markers as you can. Fool the public into thinking it was put up by your parks department.

Item 71

CLUE: E tu, Caesar? wpvq ecguct, ngvvweg tgpfgt. pqv ocpa rgqrng mpqy vjku, dwv tqockpg vqicu ygtg cnn vjg tcig kp ecguct’u fca. nwemkna, aqw lwuv hqwpf c rcig htqo cp cpekgpv tqocp hcujkqp ecvcnqi. oqfgn c tqockpg ngvvweg vqic.

Item 52

Helicopter parents

Item 190

Get Maury Povich, Dr. Phil, Montel Williams, or Lauren Lake to announce that Misha Collins is NOT (or is!) Alex Calvert’s biological father.

Item 17

I also did a collage of all the like, comments and shares for this but it’s just thsame images over and over nothing special

It’s a FUNDRAISING FLASH FLOOD! Peace Tea has partnered with Random Acts to create a deluge of kindness messages across social media. For each like on their Instagram or Facebook “Peace Team’s” links (on the page below), they’ll donate $1. For each share on Facebook or comment on Instagram, they’ll donate $2 to Random Acts. Your assignment: Convince at least 10 people (including members of your team) to go to each post and like, comment and/or share. Then upload a single image compilation of screenshots with every person’s contribution so we can track it. Instagram Post #1,Instagram Post #2, Instagram Post #3, Facebook Post #1, Facebook Post #2, & Facebook Post #3

Any that is it for this year. I had a lot of fun with team Geekquel and already looking forward to Gish 2019!

If anyone is interested in reading the full item list I can be found over at the amazing Fangirl Quest!

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