Gish 2019 Update

I finished gish on a high note, I’m really sad that this is my final hunt but I achieved some amazing things.

Firstly I got runner up (again!)

And I made it into the book 3 times this year!

For the first time I got a video in!

Yes my amazing Haggis dessert made it in!

And another first for myself I also got a quote into the book and yes it was about the haggis again!

And I even made it into the top 50 gishers!

Hopefully I will make it into the hall of fame but you never know!

I had an amazing final hunt it’s been 8 years of fun and frollocks and I will always remember the fun I have had and the friends I have made this past 8 years.

Mostly however I will never forget the memories with my Gish Wife Guu. You are amazing you picked me up when my projects failed and laughed at me when I needed to vent and curse (mostly about kale and it’s inability to stick to anything or Misha , you know the usual stuff). Thank you my dear friend. I love you!

And thank you to all the teams I have been part of! You have all been amazing and a great inspiration over the years.

The Companions (2012)
Acronym (2013)
BunkRock (2014)
FelixFandomis (2015)
FandomSharks (2016)
Deus Ex Mishina (2017/2019)
Geekquel (2018)

So that’s it for me, well until Roslin is old enough to sign up and she assures me I will be helping her. It’s been an amazing journey and I am looking forward to what 2020 has in store for me. I’m sure it will still be full of crafts and new projects. Gish might be over but the random crafting never ends!

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