That time of year has came and gone where I run around doing crazy things all in the name of a scavenger hunt called GISHWHES. This was my third year taking part and has been my favourite year yet thanks to my amazing team mates.

This is the items I manages to complete the rest can be found on our Tumblr (once we get them all uploaded)

IMAGE. Well done! You’ve just managed to catch a rare “Popcorn Child Monster” on camera.

IMAGE. Be the messiah you were always meant to be. Walk on water (must be a lake or pool). We must not see anything under your feet except for water. Not that we need to say this, but: no photoshopping!

IMAGE. Supernatural nail art. With Glitter. On hairy toes. – Natalie Springhart

IMAGE. Erect a tribute to Horris Packard, the inventor of Rubber Gloves.

IMAGE. Forgive someone with whom you have been holding a grudge against.

IMAGE. “When I grow up, I want to be…” Have a child dress up as what they want to be when they grow up (lawyer, doctor, ballerina, dragon-slayer, etc.). Then stage the photo in the environment they would be working in.

Get NASA (@NASA), the CIA (@CIA), or the official twitter feed of another nation or any country’s large federal agency to show their “fun side” in a twitter reply to you that mentions your twitter handle and #GISHWHES.

VIDEO. Which is faster: a baby learning to crawl or a turtle? Let’s see a race.

IMAGE. Using charcoal or chalk, stencil the term “D2N” on the exterior of a factory. (The “2” must be backwards, but I can’t figure out how to do that on this keyboard.)

IMAGE. Food trucks are all the rage, but I think they tend to be a bit speciesist. Get a food truck to sell cat food. It must be on the menu and we must see a cat placing the order.

IMAGE (three edited side-by-side-by-side images). Collect fruit from a tree on from which the fruit hangs over a public sidewalk. Make jam from the fruit. Eat it. (Provide 3 photos edited into one image).

IMAGE. An angel made from feminine hygiene products – Rachel Shelby

VIDEO. Tweed Porn. Let’s see it with an appropriate porn sound track played on a lone kazoo. (No nudity required.)

VIDEO. Make a children’s Pop-Up book about the CROATOAN Virus ending the world. (I messed up! This was supposed to be a video *sobs*)

IMAGE. Try to make yourself look exactly like an iconic local statue (in every detail) and stand next to it. – Gina Cardazone

IMAGE. A family of at least four enjoying a formal dinner. All of the place settings, serving utensils, dishes – basically every non-food item above the tablecloth – must be made from Legos. (not happy with how this came out as everyone was sleeping so had to compromise a little so here is my awesome table)


I made it into the hall of fame!

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