GiSHwHes 2015

It’s that time again where I make random requests of all my family and friends and run around like a crazy person and end up creating lots of crazy things and have a lot of fun. This year I was part of the amazing team Felix Fandomis.

34 – IMAGE. How do you do it? Everyone on your team has such beautiful mustaches? Do you have some sort of hair growth cream you slather on or pills you all take? Let’s see a grid photo of everyone on your team that features your mustaches prominently
My screen from the team picture
193 – IMAGE. Contribute the recipe for ‘Dinomite’s Fluffy Bites’ to and get at least 20, 5-star reviews from people who enjoyed the recipe

Om nom nom

177 – IMAGE. Make a portrait of a CW actor using only naturally shedded hair/fur of your pets.
176 – IMAGE. Register to vote, then take photographic proof of this event (i.e. you at the post office getting it done, you all holding your registration cards, etc.). In the photo hold up a sign that reads, “If Richard Speight Jr. can’t be King, I’ll settle for democracy.” (Or something else that indicates that democracy is your tolerable second choice of political systems.) – Inspired by Richard Speight Jr and TC Couture
139 – IMAGE. Do your best 1950’s June Cleaver impression and vacuum the lawn. – Shawna O’Neal
120 – IMAGE. Stand in front of your garden holding up a sign with your best unorthodox or hard to believe gardening tip for the First Lady of the United States. Tweet it to @MichelleObama and include “@gishwhes” and “#gardeninghack”
109 – IMAGE. Design and build a comfortable, functional piece of living room furniture made entirely from repurposed/recycled materials. Then show the family enjoying it.
96 – IMAGE. The Tooth Fairy is on strike. Invent another fairy that provides a service in your home for your children, or your dorm room/apartment for your roommates. Dress up as the fairy providing the service, and then caption the image with what you are
64 – IMAGE. The Department of Consumer Kale Residency has decided 2015 is the year to find its favorite hotel lobby in the world. They’ve asked us to help. Put on your most beautifully designed hat (hat must be made of kale) and evening gown or tux and get a picture of you in your town’s finest and most elegant hotel lobby with a maid or bellman
54 – IMAGE. WILLIAM SHATNER ITEM – You may not know this but William Shatner is a big My Little Pony Brony (a male fan of the My Little Pony series.) He wants to share this interest with other actors. Create an image however you wish of one of your favorite actors as a My Little Pony and tweet it to them. Get the actor to retweet your image and hashtag #Shatnermademedoit @gishwhes. Submit a screencap of the actor tweet.
42 – IMAGE. You’ve just received an invitation to the annual Color Me Pretty Construction Paper Gala. Design and wear an elegant gown consisting of only construction paper. You must be posed with a antique or hotrod car/motorcycle (that will take you to the Gala, of course) or in front of the Gala itself which takes place in the most stunning public building of your city.

71 – IMAGE. Rumor has it that nuclear submarines have knotches on the deck to support a person in a swimsuit lounging in a hammock while drinking a cocktail out of a coconut. Prove it.

Big thanks to Dave for all the hard work with this one!

203 – IMAGE. ITEM IN HONOR OF JUSTIN GUARINI: Show up in Times Square on Broadway between 46th and 47th street on the West side of the street (next to the red steps) on Tuesday, August 4th at 12:00 ET dressed in a lettuce or kale tutu and follow instructions given to you by the jumbotron You may submit an image of you in the lettuce or kale tutu in front of the jumbotron or as you follow instructions. You must follow the instructions for at least 1 minute. For those outside of the US: on the same day, at 12:00PM in your local time, go to the most prominent landmark in your city dressed in a lettuce of kale tutu. You must provide an image of you in the tutu in front of the landmark doing a ballet move with a bystander applauding. (US Citizens – ignore this direction – your directions will come from the jumbotron.)
57 – IMAGE. You know how sometimes you look at your child’s weird behavior and think, “Where did you come from? You certainly didn’t come from me.” Well, after extensive DNA analysis (thanks for sending that in) we just discovered they did not, in fact, come from you. They came from the new planet that was just discovered: Earth2.0 (…/nasa-closest-twin-to-earth-kep…). They’ll behave better if you stop trying to make them human. Dress them up or convert them back into keplerians and take them to a park, playground, ice cream shop (or similar). Teenage keplerians are acceptable and even encouraged as long as they’re with their parents. Really go to town on the costumes, make-up and location for this for bonus points!

86 – VIDEO. Write a computer program that randomly generates Gishwhes mascots. – Fran and Sarah Stewart
Big thanks to Ben for helping with this

73 – VIDEO. Who would’ve known the gishwhes mascots were such amazing water-skiers or wake-boarders! Pick your favorite mascot, and prove it.

167 – VIDEO. Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking recently signed a letter expressing their fear of robots. Let’s show them a robot performing an act of kindness. Tweet the video to Elon @elonmusk or post the video on Stephen Hawking’s FB page Include #robotkindness and @gishwhes in the post. Submit a link to the video to us, but you must post the video to either of them for the points to count

187 – VIDEO. Writer Elizabeth Meriwether describes a game called “Frolic” she and friends played while driving through Scotland. Anyone could yell out “Frolic!” at any time and they’d pull over the car and run up and down the hills. Inspired by her, host your own “Medieval Booty-Shake!” road trip in Scotland. Film a video of you and your friends, pulling over at any castle in the country, jumping out of the car, yelling that phrase, and doing just that. We must see the castle in the background. You can time-lapse if you wish but we must hear the phrase.

133 – VIDEO. This is a real Welsh word: “Llanfaurpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch.” Find a Welsh person and have them say in Welsh “I am Welsh and I hate that I have to do this,” and then they must say the lengthy word 3 times, without stuttering and without reading it.
Thank you Beverley for helping with this.

And lastly the item that landed me in hot water

31 – IMAGE. At the time I’m writing this, the price of crude oil is $48 per barrel. A barrel of oil is 42 gallons. So presumably for about $1.14, you should be able to get a gallon of crude oil. Let’s see you handing $1.14 (or your country’s currency equivalent) to an employee of an oil refinery, oil transportation or oil extraction company while they hand you one gallon of crude oil.

I had an amazing time this year, all our submissions can be found here! (In process of all being uploaded so may take time for all the items to be listed), or if you want to see the list have a look and see what you would of come up with.

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