So it’s been a while since I did any needle felting.  My excuse was my hands needed time after my rainicorn, but in all honesty I needed a little break.  It was only when I signed myself up for the Adventure Time Reddit Gift exchange that I cracked out my wool and needles and got to it again.

When I did the rainicorn it was suggested that I had a bash at making the most evil thing in all of Ooo, yes I made Gunter.

Out of all of history’s monsters, you are by far the most evil thing I have ever encountered – Hunson Abadeer


So as always here is the bits and bob’s you need for making your own Gunter.

Raw wool
Eyes & Shanks


Black and White Merino Wool.
Yellow Merino Wool


Needle Felting Pen
Image speaks for itself really


Needle Felting Mat




Step One

This is so simple and great for any beginner and can be done in a few simple steps.

First you need to use your raw wool, this should only be used once it is dry and clean.  I used the raw wool to make the body shape of my Gunter.

Step Two

Apply the white and black merino wool over the raw wool to make.

Step Three

Cut into the wool to make a hole for the eyes and then screw them in, I used a little white wool once I had screwed it in around the eyes to fix them into place.

Step Four

It’s not a penguin without a beak and feet.  To make the feet I took a strip of the orange merino wool and folded it a few times and used my felting mat to make it into the shape of the feet.  the beak I rolled the same wool I used for the feet into a cone shape continually rolling and stabbing to get the right shape.  I found that I had to give it a little trim to get it looking straight.  I also could be done by wrapping the wool around a little it of pipe cleaner and then using the needle on it, this would make it more sturdy and at the time I wish I had thought of that.

Step Five

This is the final step by now it will look like your Gunter is finished but there is something not quite right when you look into his little penguin eyes.  I used a nail polish pen to add the white to his eyes, this allowed them to remain glossy and stick well to the plastic of the eyes.  Using a polish pen was really easy as it allowed precision when applying it.

And there you have it you have a finished Gunter.



“Sorry about the lack of pictures made it before I even thought about adding it here but if anyone is keen on pictures of the stages I will rattle up another and add some more details.  Thanks for reading and sorry about the lack of pictures.”

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