Lady Rainicorn

Keeping with the Adventure time theme, did a Lady Rainicorn for keeping Jake company.

This is the real Lady Rainicorn followed by my attempt.


For anyone that is interested her body is made out of a pipe cleaner with another cut into 4 for the legs.  I wrapped the raw wool around the pipeclenaer and built up the layers until getting a body shape, the pipe cleaner helps to keep the shape and also stopped me from making the body too short or to long.  The body I had to make as firm as possible to help support the arch, this caused several problems, firstly it took ages and was done so firmly that when it came to the colours I broke lots and I mean lots of needles.  I made the chest slightly thinner at this stage but the rest was of an even width.


The head has no pipecleaner in it, it’s all wool apart from the horn.  The head I made on its own with a narrow neck. I then used more raw wool wrapped around the neck to the top of the body/chest and again built up the layers to make and even thickness and the head to be secure.

Once the basic shap is made out of the raw wool and has been needled into place (I recommend using a tool as it take a lot to build up the layers so rather than a single needle the tool is much simplier) I started to apply the colours.  The head was completed first starting with the horn then rest of the head followed by the back starting from the top and over lapping the colours, the collar area was done last to the main body and finally the mane and tail which is just simply loose wool, I folded strands in half for the mane and tail and used a single needle to press them in at the bend.  The mane needed a little trim once applied and a final long section down the parting I had made inserting the mane.

Really simple to make but took me a while but I love her.

LSP next?

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