Lumpy Space Princess

Since I seem to be on a crazy needle felting spree just now and wanted to do LSP, I started to look around for inspiration and I came across the Gypsies Dream of Flying blog where Jessica had done some pretty cool Adventure Time needle felting and she came up with a fab idea for a LSP charm.  Now not one to go around stealing peoples work I asked if she wouldn’t mind me posting my attempt at her LSP charm and she was happy for me to show it here.

So here goes…

The real LSP


And here is my attempt at a LSP charm, complete with Oh My Glob beading.




I have now gave this one away as part of the  Adventure Time Reddit Gift exchange as I had decided to sign myself up to be a rematcher.  I think I may have to make another one of these at some point they are pretty cute.


Glad my match seemed to like her goodies.


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