Misha/Cas Voodoo Doll

So this is one the stranger crafts I have come up with. Last year as part of my Gish registration package I got a Misha Squeezy.

This has got to be one of the most creepy things I have gotten from Gish, however apart from squeezing it I wanted something more. So I came up with the idea of turning it into a voodoo doll.

The big problem is the size, the head to neck ratio is not good. So rather than a quick stick it onto a dolls body (the easy option), I decided to use some heavy fabric that i had a fat quarter lying around. I think this may be curtain fabric as it’s pretty heavy and thick.

I ran off a basic body shape. I didn’t have to be super accurate with the shape as the plan was to be able to change his outfit between Cas and Misha.

Next it was time to start making some clothes for him. I decided on two different looks a Misha cardigan and the Cas coat and wings. For this I had to can in my mums help who knitted me a blue cardigan for him.

The cardigan looked great but I had a specific look in mind.

I had to get started next on some details. I knew I was unable to do the darker band however I wanted to do the snowflake details. I started with a simple white stitch.

To give it some detail I gave a black stitch to make it pop.

Now that the cardigan was done I needed to move onto getting some more clothes on him. I wanted a simple base layer that would suit either looks. White shirt and black trousers.

The shirt and trousers were mostly hand stitched with a cable tie used as a belt.

I didn’t spend much time or attention to the feet or hands when making the base body as I managed to get some tiny hands earrings and some tiny boots. To attach i ended up cutting off the tips of the arms, I used hot glue and tied them into place. The feet were glued into place.

Misha was complete!

Since this is a voodoo doll I next turn my hand to some pins for him. I wanted something fun so I managed to find some needles for miniature outfits that were perfect and very slim. I also managed to find on ebay some charms and cord.

Not that I have Misha and the needles, it was time to start on Cas. Since i had the basic shirt and trousers all I would have to make is the coat and wings.

i managed to find a damaged trenchcoat in my local charity shop (thanks to the woman who rummages around in the back for me!). Like the shirt I cut the basic shape and pinned it to the doll then it was time to hand sew the coat.

And of course I need to do a tie!

The wings are really simple, I got feathers from my craft store and glued them to a bit of trench coat with some velcro so I can attach and remove the wings.

Once everything was stitched together the finished result was better than I expected.

Now I have my super creepy doll, I managed to resist stabbing him throughout Gish however I did manage to add him into an item.

As all diehard Supernatural fans know, “Assbutt” was a featured player in Season 5, Episode 22 of the show, but the episode ran long and Assbutt’s scene was left on the cutting room floor. Rectify this oversight by releasing the never-before-seen cut of this scene.

I also used the wings and my angel blade to make a banner for this years hunt with a piece of black fabric to cover the velcro and mac fabric. Will need to find an actual cog for it but i’m pretty happy with the results.

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