Monsters Bag of Monsters

Roslin has been getting very excited about Harry Potter recently, it was a topic at school her whole class loved. Needless to say most of her Christmas was potter items, books and her own letter but her big gift from us was we are all going to London to the Harry Potter Studio Tour!

This in mind I was talking to Roslin about what outfit she was going to wear down, and we discussed bags. We didn’t have a potter themed bag and was a little underwhelmed by what was out there it was either boring and plain or awesome and very expensive. So we reached a comprise and made the Monster Bag of Monsters, based on Harrys book.

Ours is a bit more cuddly but I think Roslin likes it!

First I hunted ebay for a bag. I nded up with an old BHS bag with lots of secret pockets which Roslin is pretty happy about.

Now I had my base I needed to find the fur. I wanted something with some dark through it, however Roslin decided she wanted her monster to be friendly and she picked some teddy bear fur for covering it.

Eyes were simple as we wanted just plain eyes so went for a pair of 30mm and 15mm eyes.

The teeth caused a bit of a headache I tried to get PVC or Pleather but all were out of stock in plain white so ended up making them out of buckram.

The last thing I needed was a good adhesive, I used Modpodge.

This craft is so simple I didn’t take pictures, apart from drying time it only took me about 30mins to make.

Here is the steps to make your own

1 – lay fur furry zide down

2 – Place open bag on top

3 – Draw round shape

4 – Attach eyes

5 – Cut buckram into strips and add zig-zag for teeth

6 – Glue everything down and use pegs to secure

7 – Nope no more steps that’s how easy it was!!!!!


I ended up doing it in sections so we could still use all the pouches, it took at lot of pegs!

The end result however I’m so pleased with.

Secret Pouch!

I took Roslin out to the local town hall which looks the perfect backdrop and she rocked her slythern robes (even though she is more of a Ravenclaw).

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