Pimp my Dining Room

Since there is a toddler in the hose and my dining room has cream chairs I decided that I needed to get covers for them.  I looked around and couldn’t find anything I liked that had colours to complement the room or would fit with the carver chairs so I invested in sone heavy curtain fabric and made seat covers.

These were simple to do and fit neatly over the seat.  Due to the type of fabric they hold on well and I didn’t need cord to hold them on unlike the carvers.

Since our daughter mostly sits in the carvers I decided to secure these with gold cord to make sure nothing could lurk beneath.

The cord ties around the backrest and around the arms at the base of the seat so little fingers can’t get them off.

We have a chair in the corner of the room so I decided to make an envelope cushion cover and added three decorative buttons to it to complete the room.  Thankfully I had enough left over fabric to do this and it balances out the room having the matching cushion.

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