Ron Swanson Cross Stitch

This is what got me interested in cross stitch, I got a kit made by the lovely Kirsty Kizzee from Bombastitch on Etsy.  The kit was of Ron Swanson from the show Parks and Recreation which has become one of Ben’s and my favourite shows.  Ron is a much loved character from the show who has an intimate relationship with ummm food and he constantly has us in stitches so I decided that I wanted to stitch him.  I ordered the kit from the states and it arrived really fast and had everything I needed for making this masterpiece.

Before I show the kit and my finished work here is a picture of the real Ron Swanson.

Everyone shut up and look at me!

The kit came nicely packaged and had everything I needed to make the picture, she had provided helpful tips on how to actually make it and the pattern was large and simple so that a beginer like me would have no problems attempting this.

Ron’s kit


All packaged up


This took me a few days to make but I really enjoyed making it.  The frame I got from Boots, as it suited my house.  So nothing left to say now apart from here is my first finished piece of cross stitch I gave Ben for his Christmas.

Here’s mine. It’s a hamburger made out of meat on a bun with nothing. Add ketchup if you want I couldn’t care less.

Lastly just wanted to say Ben loved it and it now is living in my diningroom, he showed it to our families who have never seen the show and didn’t have a clue who it was but he showed them Ron’s picture and agreed it was a good likeness.   Of course it’s a good likeness it’s Ron F*****g Swanson!  Watch Parks and Recreation it’s awesome!


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