Roslin’s Art Cross Stitched

For my husbands Christmas I decided to make him a cross stitch picture, can’t say much about it as need to wait till after Christmas to post about it as it’s a surprise, but it made me realise I really enjoy doing cross stitch.  A few nights ago we were chatting and came up the the idea that we could transfer our daughters pictures into cross stitch, and it stuck in my head as being a great idea so I rummaged through my craft box and found the bits I needed to transfer one of my favourite pictures Roslin drew for me into cross stitch.

Super Hero Roslin

This is one of my favourite pictures she has done, it was the first time she drew a body and not legs coming out of the head and she thought she looked like a super hero.  I like to think she has radioactive hair for her super power.  This took an evening to cross stitch and I think it came out really well.

Super Hero Cross stitched

I used a hot pink thread and did it by eye rather than making a pattern but I think I have captured super Roslin very well.  In the original you will notice there is some other smaller drawings to the bottom of the picture, I believe one of them is our cat and the other might be her Dad the jury is still out on that one though, but I decided not to include them as it would clutter it and I didn’t want to make it too big.

Got it all framed and it is for now living in our living room, Roslin is really happy with it and keep handing me more pictures asking if I can make this into one of my fancy pictures, so I think she approves.

Finished and Framed
Roslin Approves

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