Roslin’s Bedroom

Well actually it’s not a boat it’s my daughters bedroom.  I have recently been giving it a bit of a facelift.  She is not 2 years and 8 months and it was about time her room became less of a nursery and more of a bedroom so I have been working hard to get it looking great for her.  So this is my little tour of her room.

Firstly the rules…

Toddler Rules

The view from her door, the boarder is Doodle Pip by MaMas & PaPa’s.  I recently changed it due to Roslin picking her Linear zoo one while in her cot, but now she is in her big girl bed it has been replaced.  The light was in the room when me moved in but she likes it so we have not changed it.  The blinds were B&Q black out blinds but I added orange ribbon just to make them a bit more interesting.

Door view

Desk and wardrobe, the desk and chair are new from Ikea, the shelf was in the room when we got the house but was taken down when it was her nursery and I have just put it back up with breakables to keep them safe.

Desk and wardrobe

Toy corner, the storage containers were a gift from my mum’s neighbour and are excellent, don’t know what we would of done with out them!

Toy corner

Bed and chest of drawers, please ignore the book sitting out, it’s her choice of book for bedtime at the moment (wendy the wide mouthed frog, I highly recommend it) the camel jigsaw was a gift from an Egypt holiday from her grandparents and the lamp is from B&Q.  Her bed is a cot bed that has now been reduced down to it’s lowest level and the sides removed.  Orange blanket is another Ikea item.


Desk here is a better look at her desk, the white drawers are full of craft supplies, and the striped drawers are full of yo gabba gabba lego and random bit’s and bob’s.  The toy story bag is full of handbags, rucksaks and tote bags, I think she has more bags than me now!


Toy story toys and Annie (Cousin) horse riding ribbon.  Roslin is a big toy story fan if you have not guessed, the ribbon was gift Annie didn’t want it as it was not blue but Roslin loves it.

Toy story

Roslin’s art on side of wardrobe.  Decided to hang up a few pictures here that she has made, she loves the sticky shapes and did those at home, the painting she did recently at playgroup and says it’s a picture of her dad, not sure I can see the likeness though.

Roslin’s Art

Shelf above desk (will be adding photos to frames as soon as we get the right sizes sorted).  All the items on the shelf were gifts from when she was born, the small jar has a lock of her hair in it.  The sand filled bottle is a more recent gift from her grandparets holiday to egypt.  The pig is a piggy bank that had to be moved up to the shelf after she kept emptying it and I was worried she was going to break it.


Bambi from the shelf, I personally love this, it was a gift from a collegue from NaNa Pams work.


Book collection on top of wardrobe the bundle at the front is books she is currently asking for, but we are running out of room for all her books.  The money pot was a gift from when she was born, and the fibre optic light was from her great grandparents house as she loved touching it when she was little.


Height measurer this was a gift from my aunt and uncle and is now hanging up in the toy corner.

Height measurer

Toy box, this was actually used as our coffee table after our last one broke but now I have painted it added a bit of her boarder to jazz it up a little and have moved it up to her room.  It’s handy being under the window as she has already used it as a seat and to kneel on to look out of her window.  The horse was a gift for christmas she named her black beauty (we need to do some work on colours I think).

Toy box

Toys lots of toys in the fantastic storage boxes.

Toys lots of toys

Dressing up basket, this came originally with her real nappies but now that she is nappy free I decided to make good use of it and store her dressing up outfits in it.  On top is Eeyore as she loved him when she was little but she still calls him Jim and thinks he’s a hippo.

Dressing up basket

Bedside drawers, this is the only thing in the room that still needs replaced with white drawers but it has been very handy since moving her to her big bed, the peppa pig torch/nightlight is great as she is not a fan of the dark and the orange boxes are full of hair acessories, the boxes I used to use for floppy disks and have been gathering dust in a cupboard but glad to be able to get some use out of them again.  Princess Holly keeps watch over Roslin when she sleeps.

bedside drawers

Butterflies these are on the wall above Roslin’s bed, these were made by my Dad out of stainless steel and are screwed to the wall.


Name art this was a gift from Aunt Margaret, Kirsty, Laura, Margaret and Graham when Roslin was born, it hangs above her bed and it looks great.

name art

Wall art, this I pretty much threw together made out of remaining wall paper.

wall art

Ornament was a gift from my mum when Roslin was born, it was hung in her nursey and I love it so it was left when I changed her room over.


Jewlary box, it’s not a girls room unless they have a jewlary box which plays music and has a spinning balerina inside, this was a christmas gift and she uses it to keep her precious things inside.

Jewlary box

So that’s Roslin’s room, I hope you all like what I have done with it, I’m very happy and has taken a lot to get it looking more like a bedroom and not a nursey but I think I have achieved it and the most important thing is Roslin likes it “big much” so that’s good enough for me.

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