Sewing Machine Table Refurbishment

A couple of years ago I was driving past a house that was being cleared by the council and the item they choose to stand on was a treadle sewing machine. It had been left in the house for years and was not looking as good as it used to however I saw an opportunity and it became mine.

On closer inspection there was still some nice details visible on the machine and the legs still seemed very sturdy.

I was able to dismantle the top removing all the rotten wood but I could not make the machine move which was disappointing. I decided instead to keep the treadle and change it into a table. There was a lot of rust on the frame so the first job was to get out the wire brush and get it ready for painting.

Cupboard door on top just to see how it will look

Once all the rust was off I painted it with smooth hammerite paint.

After some time to dry I attached some oak that I purchased from homebase. The plan was that our fishtank was going to sit on the table so the wood I used was slightly bigger than the tank but strong enough to support the weight of the tank.

The table looks great and the fish have a new home in our dining room.

Repurposed Sewing Machine

2 thoughts on “Sewing Machine Table Refurbishment

  1. looks brilliant Lorna. i need to paint a rusty old garden stool. is a wire brush what you recommend to get all the rust off before you start painting?

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