She-Ra Costume Part Two

With the headdress complete my attention moved to the other items.

I decided instead of making a new dress I would modify a dress I got off ebay for Roslin by taking it in and shortening the length, this was to save time as I currently don’y have a loan of my mums sewing machine so everything needed to be hand sewn. Once the dress was adjusted we did a dry run of the costume to see how it was coming together.

The cuffs are made in card in this picture but I will be changing them to craft foam as I don’t want them to be restricting.

Now we are getting somewhere.

The boots I went for are different to She-Ra’s but for Roslin I wanted something she could run around with on, as well every heroine runs at some point. So I ordered for comfort, the boots were from ebay and had fabric black pannels. My initial plan was to do the entire boot but I decided to instead apply masking tape to the fabric parts and paint only the leather.

All taped up and nowhere to go.

I used the same gold that I used in the head-dress for painting the boots.

Also suitable for a 60’s costume

Sadly Roslin has changed her mind so this costume is now on hold and I am off to make a fox now. I will however finish this after Halloween.

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