Over the past couple of years I have become a shoe-a-holic. I can’t get enough of a certain brand with their unique designs that even have flat and low heels so even I can wear them without looking like Bambi walking. Yes I am talking about…

One of the unique things about these shoes are the soles and with ever season a new design for the soles appears.

The Pink Haired Princess has a collection to die for… look at all the pretties!

With David Bowie having an influence on a few designs of Irregular Choice shoes there was much excitement with Ground Control came out this week. I of course had to splurge… well it would be rude not to, and these shoes did not disappoint.

The soles however worried me, I loved the cute little bunnies and decided they would need protecting, only problem was these shoes were not like my normal with a heel these are totally flat and the entire sole needed protecting.

I normally use Madame Rogue sole protectors but these would not cover the entire shoe and on the facebook groups I was struggling to find out if the Irregular choice sole protectors would be long enough of would end up with a seam.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I hit ebay and found Anti Slip Tape High Grip Adhesive Backed Safety Flooring Non Slip Tape

I ordered 100mm x 1m which was wide enough for the shoe and most definitely long enough.

I stuck it over the sole of the shoe making sure it was totally smooth and no bubbles or bends.

Next it was time to trim away the excess.

I had to go over the edges a few times trimming them down making sre they were flush with the edge of the she and no overhanging parts and continually smoothing it out as I trimmed.

Both pairs now have grips so no more sliding around for me and my bunnies are protected.

Now all I need is an excuse to wear them!

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