The internet

Most recent project was inspired by Ben who found an article on line describing how to build the internet from the IT crowd so had a bash and it’s not to bad even if I do say so myself.  The internet was from an episode of the IT crowd Series 3 episode 4.  If  you have missed the sketch in question you can view it here : The internet

We followed the instructables guide.

First step was drilling a hole and inserting the silver bevel, this will hold the LED.

Next step making a circuit the would allow the LED to blink, there is kits you can buy which would be a lot easier than building from scratch, but we gave it a bash.

Our LED was a little large so Ben filed it down so that it had a little tension in the bevel but was still bale to be manoeuvred into place so it was raised slightly out of the bevel.

And finally we have the finished internet with blinking LED.

Some important facts you should know about the internet…

1. The internet is surprisingly small!
2. The internet is wireless!
3. The internet is very light! (of course the internet doesn’t weigh anything!)
4 The internet lives at the top of Big Ben! (where it gets the best reception)
5. Before being borrowed, it MUST be demagnetised! Preferably by a Grand Master of The Internet such as Stephen Hawking.

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